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Nature experience of Karatsu history culture and Yobuko

Nature experience of Karatsu history culture and Yobuko
Reference pricefrom $432 (without toll fee and interpreter)
Time required9 hours 30 minutes
Capacity1 to 9 people

Since ancient times, Karatsu has flourished as a gateway to the continents such as China and the Korean Peninsula
It is a tour where you can experience the scenery of Yobuko brought about by the benefits of nature
The castle “Karatsu Castle” floated in the sea, the Karatsu-yaki which has been called “Ichinaka 2 Hagi 3 Karatsu” for a long time, the rare natural cavernous stalactite cave stalactite cave in the world formed 30 million years ago, and Cape Haven Cape Observation I will show you the tower, plenty of sightseeing spots!

Departs at 8:00
↓ (rainbow noodles, car window)
9:00 Karatsu Castle Tour (Former Takatori House, Chikamatsuji or Karatsu Bank)↓ (50 minutes)

9: 50 Karatsu Hikiyama Exhibition Hall, Karatsu Shrine↓ (30 minutes)

10: 30 Karatsu Yaki | Taro Nakazato
↓ (40 minutes) Exhibition room and climbing kiln workshop

11:30 Karatsu Yaki | Ryota kiln
↓ (30 minutes) Workshop and exhibit tour
12: 00 Departure for the Yobuko area

12: 30 Lunch @ Yobuko (Making living up)
↓ (60 minutes)

13:40 Nagoi Castle Ruins (Visit in 3D and visit the Nagoya Castle Museum)
↓ (60 minutes) Also visit a ferry at Marinpal Yoko (Nittsuka cauldron cave or Zeela underwater pleasure boat)

15: 00 Hope Cape, Underwater Observation Deck
↓ (30 minutes)

15: 30

16:00 Marin Oshkana village souvenir (30 minutes)

17: 30 arrival

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