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Imari / Arita pottery course

Imari / Arita pottery course
Reference pricefrom $485 (without toll fee and interpreter)
Time required10 hours 40 minutes
Capacity1 to 9 people

Course that enjoys Imari ware designated as a national historic site as “Okawauchi Nabeshima kiln site” and ceramics of Arita-yaki. Let’s enjoy authentic Wagyu (Wa Gyu) by eating “Bai Imu” brand of Saga Prefecture brand!

Departs at 8:00
↓ (90 minutes)
9: 30 Imari Okawauchiyama (Imari Nabeshima Yaki Oshima)
↓ (70 minutes)

11: 00 Imari city pottery merchant house museum

↓ (20 minutes)
11:40 Lunch Imari Cow steak again BBQ

↓ (60 minutes)
12:40 To Arita direction
↓ (30 minutes)
13:10 Visit to Saga Prefectural Kyushu Ceramic Bureau
↓ (40 minutes)
Walking around Arita-cho on 14:10
↓ (70 minutes) Monument of Lee Pingpu

Izumiyama magnet field

Sueyama Shrine

Imanemon Old Ceramics Museum

15: 30 Sakaida kakiemon kiln, Inoue Manji kiln tour
↓ (60 minutes)

16:40 Arita ceramics village Plaza Arita yaki wholesale complex / China on the park souvenirs
↓ (40 minutes)
Returning at 17:20
↓ (80 minutes)
18: 40 arrival

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