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Hita Mameda Town and Japanese sake brewery

Hita Mameda Town and Japanese sake brewery
Reference pricefrom $500 (without toll fee and interpreter)
Time required11 hours
Capacity1 to 9 people

A historic townscape that has been selected as an important traditional building group preservation district of the country, a group of buildings built in the Edo era has existed, a tour to experience Hita mameda town

Taste soy sauce and miso representing Japanese condiments and visit the sake and shochu manufacturing site.

Departs at 8:00
↓ (60 minutes)
9:00 hita kuma town yasaka shrine (murakumono pine), visit to Hita Gion yamaboko hall
↓ (60 minutes)

10:10 kuma town park, mikuma river kameyama park walk (Yakata boat departure station)
↓ (30 minutes)
10:50 Collection of miso · soy sauce harajirouzaemon warehouse, Hita Lamune plant tour
↓ (30 minutes)
11: 40 mameda town exploration
↓ (120 minutes) Lunch @ hita mabushi senya / hita soba souhachi

14:00 iichiko Hita factory tour, sales office
↓ (40 minutes)

14: 40 toward Kokonoe
↓ (50 minutes)
15: 30 Kokonoe dream large suspension bridge
↓ (60 minutes)
Returning at 16:30
↓ (90 minutes)
19: 00 arrival

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