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Nagasaki Modern Japanese History & Peace Memorial Tour

Nagasaki Modern Japanese History & Peace Memorial Tour
Reference pricefrom $523 (without toll fee and interpreter)
Time required11 hours 30 minutes
Capacity1 to 9 people

Dejima was the only international trade port during period of national isolation in Japan.
Then Nagasaki was prospered by cultural communication between European countries, especially the Netherlands.
The industrial revolution heritage group that registered as a world heritage site,
take you back in Meiji period.
In the end, we’ll show you spectacular night view from Mt,Inasayama.

Departs at 8:00
↓ (120 minutes) Holland Zaka, Confucius Temple
Hollander Slope
A stone-paved street
Confucian Shrine
One of only a handful of shrines dedicated to the revered Chinese philosopher Confucius in Japan.

10: 00 The Great Cathedral, Glover Garden
Oura Catholic Church
Representative of Europe in mediaeval times, the church was constructed in the Gothic style and is Japan’s oldest existing wooden church.

Glover Garden
The garden’s flowers can be enjoyed in full bloom throughout the year.
↓ (90 minutes)

11:40 Visit to Dejima
↓ (30 minutes)
Dejima was a man-made island in the port of Nagasaki.
The Netherman were restricted to Dejima during Japan’s two centuries of isolation as the only remaining Westerners allowed in the country.

12:20 Eye glass bridge tour
↓ (20 minutes)
Megane-Bashi (Spectacles Bridge)
Japan’s first Chinese-style stone bridge.

12:50 Nagasaki Chinatown Walking, Lunch @ Takuyaki Cooking / Ejiyama Tower
Having lunch at Nagasaki Chinese Town.

↓ (70 minutes) Sanno Shrine Two torii, Urakami Cathedral (car window)

14:20 Peace Park, Peace Prayer Tour
Sano Shrine
The Sano Shrine burnt to ash during the atomic bombing.
The only thing that remained is the torii arch standing on a single pillar, reminding us of the tragedy that took place.
Urakami Cathedral
The cathedral built by the persecuted Christians of Urakami.
Peace Park / Peace Prayer Tour
This park on a hypocenter. This park is a symbol of peace.
↓ (30 minutes)

15:00 Tour of Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
Learn about the menace of the atomic bomb and the value of peace.
↓ (45 minutes)

16:00 Nishisaka Park (Japan 26th Saints Memorial Museum) Tour
Site of the Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan in Nishisaka Park
In 1597, twenty six men and boys, including foreign missionaries, were crucified together on Nishizaka hill.
↓ (30 minutes)

16:50 Inasan Observatory (Nagasaki townscape, night view)
Inasayama mountain is 334 meters high in the center of Nagasaki.
You can see whole Nagasaki where you visited today by a glass-enclosed 360°dome.
↓ (40 minutes)
Returning at 17:30

19: 30 arrival

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